Are you suffering from stress, recovering from an illness, trauma, sports injury or surgery or just need some time out?

Then come and visit us in Cyprus, unwind, relax and let go of that stress and tension. Empty your mind of all your worries, problems and negative thoughts and concentrate on getting back the old you. You will be amazed after a few days how your body will relax and those aches, pains and fatigue will simply disappear.

We provide a personalized programme to suit  your needs. From gentle walks along the stunning Mediterranean coastline, yoga and pilates, organised swims and boating to more energetic exercise with Get Fit Cyprus.

Detox and get your body running efficiently again and your skin glowing - we can provide individual, healthy meals to cleanse your body of toxins and get rid of that sluggish feeling, also a few extra pounds!

Perhaps end your day with a professional massage or luxury spa treatment.

Most importantly relax! For centuries relaxation has been used to reduce stress  and enhance healing and where better to do it than in the sunshine of Cyprus and the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.



Girls only - fun, action-packed summer camp program for female groups.