Wish you were in better shape? Is getting fit your No 1 Goal? Want to achieve Life changing results?

Being ‘FIT’ essentially means being able to perform well in a wide variety of physical exerting circumstances. For some people, it also means being able to ‘FIT’ into their favourite clothes. Either way, if you find yourself running out of breath when doing simple things like walking up a few stairs or playing catch, it's time to improve your physical condition

Getting there sometimes may seem impossible! That’s what makes Get Fit Cyprus different! Get Fit Cyprus runs Transformative Fitness Holidays to help YOU change your Body and get fit, strong, pain-free and buzzing with raw energy – just as you are designed to be! With the  passion about health and exercise here in Get Fit Cyprus we have worked out a special programmes to achieve the goal of getting fit! By combining a balanced diet with a range of physical exercises, we can work with you to improve your overall health and conditioning. Whatever fitness goals you're working towards, from losing weight or toning up to increasing your stamina or just to have some fun, by combining a healthy diet and incorporating regular exercise we will do our best to ensure that you achieve them and feel great.

Type of Exercise and Activities

We have created a variety of different packages to suit different people and their needs. These are the activities included in our Get Fit’ programmes as a part of the thoughtfully chosen routine combined with healthy food balance, exercise and a lot of enjoyment and fun

We know people are busy, so we want it to be a one-stop place for you to reach your desired goal keeping with the spirit of personalization. All programs are worked out and led by Personal trainers, and we can offer that extra attention you can’t get anywhere else.



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Fat Burning

Water sports

Diving and Snorkelling

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Day Trips

Power Boating

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