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Your heart is racing against your chest- beating with the fast pace of your feet against the sand
You are diving into the ocean, cool water pushing past your body as you power against the current. 
You are jumping, lifting, sprinting, training barefoot, stretching, moving your body as it was meant to be moved. You are on a Get Fit Cyprus fitness holiday..

Our uniquely designed fitness holidays blend state-of-the-art functional fitness training, yoga, nutritional counselling and holistic therapies, that will purify your mind, balance your body and inspire your soul. By the end of your time with us, you will move faster, feel stronger, stand taller and laugh louder than you have in years.

If you want to tame your wobbly bits with a realistic diet and fitness plan, you'll love

Tone It And Own It!

We've created a challenge tailored to suit you. If you like to workout outdoors, whiz through your activity at high speed to save time, or prefer to take a more holistic view to exercise, the choice is yours! Simply pick your favourite fitness style and create your kind of challenge.

Our fitness holidays are designed to help get you into shape and give you the knowledge and confidence to continue to work towards your own health and fitness goals. Whatever your fitness training and nutrition likes and dislikes, we will show you not only how to train, but also how to fuel your training to maximize your personal results.

Our fitness breaks are suitable for anyone - male or female - of any standard of fitness and of any age - including seniors - whether your goals are to get started on a fitness programme, to improve your health or mobility, or to take your athletic performance to the next level.

Whether it’s burning calories, revving up your heartbeat or just getting into some exciting new ways to stay fit, Get Fit Cyprus offer a wide range of luxury facilities and activities. A typical day can find you hiking up a mountain trail as the sun rises, kayaking along a pristine beach, cycling along country lanes or gyrating to a dancercise class. With all that healthy activity combined with luxurious spa relaxation, you are sure to return feeling renewed and invigorated.

Whatever your age or fitness level our holidays provide all the stimuli needed to gain vigor and vitality! A beautiful chilled out natural habitat, expert coaching, luxury treatment on highest standards, ideal nutrition and eye-opening guidance!

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