Are you looking for a corporate event with a difference?  Something a bit more imaginative, to get your colleagues bonding?

Boot Camp is the perfect team building exercise, is great fun and, most importantly, is good for you!  And we're not military styled so we won't be barking orders at you, promise.

We can tailor your corporate boot camp experience to meet your specific requirements, whether you want a one-off event, or multiple sessions.

Whether it’s burning calories, revving up your heartbeat or just getting into some exciting new ways to stay fit, Get Fit Cyprus offer a wide range of luxury facilities and activities. A typical day can find you hiking up a mountain trail as the sun rises, kayaking along a pristine beach, cycling along country lanes or gyrating to a dancercise class. With all that healthy activity combined with luxurious spa relaxation, you are sure to return feeling renewed and invigorated.

Whatever your age or fitness level our holidays provide all the stimuli needed to gain vigour and vitality! A beautiful chilled out natural habitat, expert coaching, luxury treatment on highest standards, ideal nutrition and eye-opening guidance!

Спортивные каникулы! Хотите сбросить лишнее и привести себя в отличную физическую форму? Тогда Спортивные каникулы - это отдых для Вас!