Weekend Fit-camps

Get Fit Cyprus Weekend Fit Breaks - Open to Males and Females at any age or fitness level!


Come and experience a weekend fitCamp including accommodation, food  fitness and fun.

At our special promotional price of 399 Euro per person.10% discount for 2 people.

GFC have  now launched  weekend fit breaks. We are offering a 2 night   break which is over the weekend to fit in with your busy schedules. 

Get Fit Cyprus Camps have been especially formulated for those looking for a kick start into fitness and a healthier lifestyle, and for anyone who is beginning a new journey to discover your new healthier lifestyle.

You will experience a taster of our famous boot camps. Perfect for boot campers that can’t find time in their schedules but still would like the challenge of Get Fit Cyprus Boot Camp. 

The GFC Weekend Fit Breaks are suitable for all ages, men & woman, couples, friends, family members and  new & returning clients.

The Weekend package will include:

  • Accommodation 
  • Healthy breakfasts and lunches will be provided in the villa which are self service.
  • Friday evening until Sunday Lunch inclusive. All our low calorie healthy Breakfast and lunches the evening meals are provided in local restaurants.
  • Friday evening 2 hours of Boot Camp Saturday morning (please see gallery for examples of boot camp and fitness activities) followed by Yoga.
  • Saturday - early evening. Boxercise,cardio,core and abs.
  • Sunday fit-camp 8-10am  Lunch at the villa depart by 2pm



We have the power to re-build you!

* The Price doesn't Include flights

Спортивные каникулы! Хотите сбросить лишнее и привести себя в отличную физическую форму? Тогда Спортивные каникулы - это отдых для Вас!
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