Dear All @ Get Fit Cyprus,

As you know i have been participating in many of your events from the beach challenges through the Troodos 35 km cycle and more. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment and the experience over all has changed my life. In just 3 months i have a new passion to excersise and make the time during the week even if it means getting up earlier than desired. I have monitored my event times and general fitness level and am proud to say I am more than twice as fit as when i first joined. I would recommend Get Fit Cyprus to anyone, young or old of any level of fitness. Just get involved and you will see the results.

Yours sincerely 

Alex Hann 


Cyprus is a great place to do fitness espescialy on the beach, the beach circuits are awsome...Great results lost 5lbs in a week.

Paul  - June Camp


Here in GFC I have learned many things. You can GET RESULT if you work very hard and trust your goals. You can GET EXCITED when running on the beach and sun has just rised starting new day. You can GET NEW FRIENDS sharing the same passion and interest. and you can GET SELF CONFIDENCE when learning new things about yourself, your body and its capabilities. GFC opens the doors to completely new way to look at the things around you and yourself. Get Fit and Love Yourself every day. Love. Live.Life.



Cyprus is one of the most attractive places to be in the med.  There is nothing more exhilarating than getting up in the mornings and having a fantastic work out with Paul (trainer).   Having attended GFC all summer long I can now say that there is no better way to get a start on the day.  If your looking to get back into fitness or just to tone up I suggest you get down to the beach boot camp as soon as possible.  Big thanks to Paul for setting GFC up it means a lot to a lot of people.


Elliot Whitehead



There was a very good selection of healthy foods and drinks in the fridge on arrival.  Our trainer [Paul] was both motivating and personable.The yoga sessions were excellent. Francesca and her class setting were both impressive.The massage therapy was also excellent. Again, Rowena and her facilities impressed. The beach is a very attractive location for the exercise programmes to take place. It’s a major reason for choosing the holiday package.The Red Bus village tour was pleasant and a good duration. A mistake by the tour operator resulted in a late pick up, however Bex sorted this out, and we appreciated that she was on hand to make sure the bus turned up. 

Kenny Stevens September Boot Camp


Great Work Paul (trainer)! Loved the Sessions  - would be great if the program was set on arrival of first day!Loved the training and variety in a great setting. Fantastic Bike tour! Excellent chance to try kneebording. My goal this week was to get my training started again and what a way to do it! Paul and his team have a fantastic program in the perfect setting and great weather which always helps! The variety of the Bootcamp sessions in the morning were excellent and the bus tour to Troodos will stick in the memory. Hope to be back soon! Thanks Guys!

Cato September Boot Camp


Paul, our trainer was an Inspiration! Always looking for new ways to make fitness fun. Very Motivational. Boat Trip was Excellent! Excellent week. Good Mixture of sun, sand and sweat!! Fun activities that everyone could enjoy, great way to kick start your new healthy life. Paul & his team delivered on every promise. We'll be back. Thank You!

Paul, Meera & Rohan Winder


Overall very happy with our week. Discovered new muscles, and the potential value of yoga. The villa is well appointed and everyone involved friendly and supportive. Just Italian really good restaurant! 

I've always been a bit sceptical about what yoga could do for me. I now know it's a lot. With Francheskas help we've been introduced to the possibilities that are available to anyone, at any level of fitness, and hopefully we'll continuing with it and maybe come back next year a little bandier. I don't think we could have had anyone better than Francheska as a first teacher of yoga or a location more calming.



Gorgeous venue and location. A fitness boot camp with an excellent variety of activities. Delicious food, superb massage and meticulous organization. I'm definitely fitter than when I arrived. I'm very motivated to develop a more healthy lifestyle for myself. I would recommend Get Fit Cyprus to anyone looking for a weight loss camp or fitness boot camp without the unnecessary shouting you may be faced with at a military style boot camp.



Having never attended anything like a weight loss camp or fitness boot camp I really wasn't sure that a boot camp was the way forward but after discovering GFC I can't wait to come back and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling to get into shape or who needs that extra boost. The Get Fit Cyprus team helped me so much and are a winning combination.



I have really been pushed to my limits at Get fit Cyprus but that's what I came for so can't complain. The personal trainers have been great and really know their stuff. I have gained a lot of knowledge about fitness which I can take away with me. Although the training is intense, it just flys by because you do such a variety of activities. The food is great as well. Paul has done a great job in making the bootcamp such a success, he should be very proud of himself. I will definitely be back!.



I was dreading coming as it was a Birthday present…even though it was to sunny Cyprus. I found the first two days hard work then I began loving it.  Paul and Franchesca are so inspiring and caring and nothing was too much trouble. The whole experience is really well thought out and I am leaving feeling not only fitter but more confident. Being here has taught me to have fun and be more outgoing as well as learn how important my health and fitness is to get the best out of life. I am leaving having loved it - even the Troodos mountain biking and sore muscles! I feel such a sense of achievement so thank you Get fit Cyprus.

Tanya Webster


Fantastic Week, excellent staff, very helpful. Gave me a Kick Start to change my lifestyle. Yoga has a very good teacher to be honest not my cup of tea, but very glad I gave it a go.

Nabeel Klalica


All fantastic - the only thing I would have changed was having a smack with the bike. Everything very well prepared, lovely people. Thanks You! I was pushed to the limit. Thank You very much for the yoga class - you have inspired me to take up yoga in the UK.

Georgie Whitford


The training is suitable for people of all fitness levels. With very little training experience in the past I still feel much fitter after 1 week with Get Fit Cyprus.Easy to follow and very therapeutic.

Scott Clancy



I've never been so sore, sweaty and smelly in my life. It was a massive sense of accomplishment to finish our program in such a perfect location. Everyone was so supportive and friendly which really made the difference. Yoga was a fantastic finish to the day. Francesca was a wonderful teacher with a sooting voice. Will definitely take it up when I head back to London.

Kristin de la Fuente


This Boot-camp holiday has been amazing. From day 1 I have enjoyed every minute. The team have been great and has been a really good team building excersise. Really love the yoga + boxercise. I would love come back. :) Thanks to all stuff for an amazing trip. 

Natalie Shipp