Parasite and Colon Detox Program

Parasite Detox focuses on killing the parasites that live in the body: 

Flukes,Tapeworms, Pinworms and Hookworms. 

You start taking a dewormer orally, which is part of the specific diet you follow prior to the treatment. 

Next you come to the practice for a deep abdominal detox massage - Chi Nei Tsang. 

Then comes the electrocution of the parasites using the QXCI/SCIO device. 

This is followed by a colonic irrigation with coffee, to clear the colon from of debris. Next comes a coffee enema with dewormer to reach those hard to access parasites.

The reason Level 3, Parasite Cleanse comes before the Liver Flush is that the parasites themselves can act as obstructions. Your liver most probably contain parasites and these organisms will not let go and come out during a liver flush unless they have been killed or severely harmed first. 

List of the treatments you will receive: 

·  Chi Nei Tsang, Abdominal Detox Massage

·  QXCI/SCIO Parasite Zap

·  Colonic irrigation with organic Coffee

·  Coffee Enema with dewormer

Level 3 treatment last about 5h.

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