Colon and Lymph Cleanse Program


Colon and Lymph clean out sewage for the body. Most of the diseases would not exist if they were kept clean. 

During Level 2, you follow a specific diet prior to the treatment and come to the practice for half a day to receive the treatments listed below. 

You want to optimise lymph and bowel functioning before clearing out both parasites (Level 3) and gallstones (Level 4: Liver flush).

List of the treatments you will receive: 

·  Detox Foot Spa or Steam Bath 

·  Skin Brushing

·  Skin rolling

·  Lymph Drainage Massage

·  Intense Light Therapy using Red and Infrared LED’S device

·  Colonic irrigation with organic Coffee 

·  Coffee Enema with dewormer

Level 2 treatment last about 5h.


Спортивные каникулы! Хотите сбросить лишнее и привести себя в отличную физическую форму? Тогда Спортивные каникулы - это отдых для Вас!
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