Weight Loss

Your weight loss when following this program is between 7 - 10lbs.

This is obviously on the understanding that the course is followed exactly and subject to the client having excess weight to lose.

With the information gathered from the questionaire and goal expectation with Paul, the Director of GetFit Cyprus, who will then plan your week, set your goals and push you to achieve them by the end of the week with our knowledgeable, well experienced personal trainers.

 Who comes on the course? 

Simply anybody. We have a huge variety of people attending from all over the world, male, female, all shapes and sizes and of different levels of fitness and capabilities.

You will land at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus which is only 45 minutes from your luxury villa resort accommodation.

Please below some of the best and most reasons why you should join us:-

You need to lose weight and get fit.


Business executives and owners simply needing to recharge their batteries.

Corporate clients are finding the course  a massive advantage to their staff and has proven to create fantastic camaraderie as well as creating excellent team building skills which they can take home.

Couples attending the course together.  Helps strengthen their relationship and gets couples working together as a team.

Athletes. Who are wishing to push themselves to the maximum for an event or a challenge. We can design a tailor made package to help them achieve their goal and push them in exactly the right areas of fitness they need to be pushed in.

Get Fit Holidays.  Where people want to enjoy a holiday but mix in a bit of fitness so that when they return they will not have put on weight and are a little bit fitter - still having had a great time!

To Rejuvenate Physically and Mentally. For people that just want to take time out and then leave the course feeling physically fitter and leaner with their batteries recharged.


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