Complete Detox Program

Level 4 includes a series of 11 treatments organised by a precise schedule. 

This retreat is the culmination of all the treatments and preparations you have done during the previous weeks. This is when the stones will be released from your liver and gallbladder. 

You will feel light, clean, and clear minded. 

List of the treatments you will receive: 

 (Day 1)

·  Steam Bath or Intense Hydrotherapy. 

·  Skin Brushing 

·  QXCI Parasite zap 

·  Skin rolling

·  Lymph Drainage Massage

·  Colonic irrigation

·  Coffee Enema with dewormer (parasite cleanse)

·  Relaxation/Retreat

·  Intense Light Therapy using Red and Infrared LED’S device 

·  Beginning of Liver/Gall Bladder flush

 (Day 2)

·  End of the Liver/Gall Bladder flush using the Dr Hulda Clark protocol

·  Coffee High Enema with dewormer

·  Polarity Therapy (Balancing energy therapy)

The facilities you will have during the retreat: 

·  Private Room with en suite Bathroom

·  Bedding

·  24 Hours Care available

Level 4 retreat last 24h

Спортивные каникулы! Хотите сбросить лишнее и привести себя в отличную физическую форму? Тогда Спортивные каникулы - это отдых для Вас!
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