Biggest Loser Program Level One

The "Biggest Loser" Complete Lifestyle Change Program is for ultra beginners. It is for people who need to lose 20 pounds plus and who also may have physical limitations or minor injuries. It is an full program that not only functions as a weight loss getaway, but also as a step towards wellness for those individuals stuck in unhealthy lifestyle and eating patterns. This program strives to help people break free of their fear of or dependance on food and gets them to feel confident and in control when it comes to food choices and exercise.

The difference between this program and a Weight Loss Program is that it focuses on behavior and lifestyle changes. We recommend longer stays for this program 4 weeks is the optimum time because the longer you stay with us, the more ingrained your new behaviors will be and will give you the best long term chance of success!!! Also can you imagine new body will look like! 

Luxury Accommodations

Two, Three and Four bedroom Luxury Villas, complete with pool, big gardens, sea views and the premium television packages. Located in beautiful Kapparis in Blue Water Bay Project , walking distance from our facilities, the beach, entertainment, and shopping.

Luxury Accommodations

15-20 hours of exercise each week to include

Biking, Yoga, Spinning, Swimming, Personal Training, Walking/Running Group, Circuit Training, Partner Training, Boot-camp Classes, Hiking, Stairs, Cardio Boxing, Beach Boot-Camp Introduction Level 1

Personal Training

One Session with our lifestyle maintenance nutritionist per week

This nutritionist will help you keep the weight off after you leave our program.

Lifestyle Maintenance

One session with our science and practical application nutritionist per week.

The professional will teach you how to discern what healthy food to buy at the grocery store along with other practical suggestions and guidelines.

Grocery Store

Group nutrition class and motivational life coaching per week.

You will get expert instruction on motivational insights and techniques, and on various nutrition topics.

Nutrition Class

Three healthy, calorically-calculated meals a day

Prepared fresh daily by our very own "top" chef. Unlimited amount fresh fruit available anytime a day!

Healthy Meals

Two massages per week

Our massage therapists provide deep tissue massage coupled with intuitive physical manipulation.


Posture Analysis

When you carry around extra weight, your posture can be compromised.We'll help get you straightened out.

Posture Analysis

Body-fat testing and measurements before and after the program along with VO2 Max fitness testing.

We value providing the most state-of-the-art fitness equipment to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

Bodyfat Testing

Welcome basket with assorted Live-In Fitness apparel & goods

You'll get some goodies to get you started: t-shirts, a water bottle, a backpack, and more.

Fitness Appreals

Girls only - fun, action-packed summer camp program for female groups.
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