Beach Boot Camp

For our Beach Boot Camp we use a beautiful sandy beach called Ayia Triada. Working out next to the tempting blue Mediterranean waters is a real treat! We generally concentrate on multi stations on the beach and spend from 30 seconds to a minute on each station depending on the fitness level of the individual.

 The main aim here is high intensity training and building strong core stability. A typical example would be 10 stations consisting of:


Agility Ladder Run             Double grip Medicine Balls          Bunny Hops


Hurdles                                             Plank Hold                            Burpees/Star Jumps


Various Press-Ups              Medicine Ball Squats and Press


Kettle Bell Routines such as Turkish Get Up, Press and Hold, Snatch and Grab

Shoulder Raises and squats   Abdominal Russian Twists


Bicep Curls/Tricep Extension   Skipping  Tyre Flipping  Bear Crawl Runs

This is an example of just some of the exercises you can expect to do with us on the beach. If you check out our gallery you will see a lot of these in action.

Then after 3 or 4 circuits we do our assault course as a timed event where each individual is timed and then retimed at the end of the week, after pushing themselves to the max, and then retimed at the end of the week to see what improvements they have achieved. 

An example of our Timed Circuit is:


Agility ladder run with weights  Followed by tyre flip approx  50 - 100 yards


Beach run on sand

Medicine Ball (various weights) throws across a line to challenge the body (by this time you have to give everything you’ got - timing and core stability all play a huge part here to get the balls over the line) Followed by Bosu Ball Squats

Then on to the 2 water barrels which have to be carried 40 - 50 yards. Then when you think you can’t give anymore you have to sprint up a flight of steps, do 20 - 50 skips and run back down the steps where your time will end.


This might not seem a lot but this timed circuit lasts from 2 - 3 minutes depending on the individual. This is an excellent method of engaging all muscles and pushing yourself to your maximum limits. This is a very popular event for GetFit Cyprus where every cheers everybody on and an excellent team building event.

Corporate Package

For Corporate packages we mix in team events and competitions such as relay Races with a difference, water barrel holds held by 2 people against the other team, Kettle Bell Hold, 3 km Relay Race with a difference, Kayak carrying as a team event where we run approx 3 - 4 km and each team taking turns to run with an empty kayak. On the beach we do a team relay event with the lightest member in the kayak and we do our  fastest time. 

Bear Crawl Relay on the beach. Blind leading the blind activities. There are various events where one person is picked from each time and compete head to head such as 1,000 meter rowing, maximum press ups, maximum sit ups and total skips in 2 minutes. Step ups, pull ups, plank hold, tug of war, double tyre pull are to name but a few. All again you can see on our gallery


Another excellent we do for corporate bookings is the mountain bike challenge which is followed by a visit to the chocolate factory and then a traditional Cyprus meze.


  Boxercise. This is generally held in the early evening we have our own cardio boxing room where our trainer takes us and Pushes  us to the limit. Basic boxing techniques are explained and demonstrated such as pad work, bag work and general circuits keeping the tempo high like sparring certainly turns the sweat tap on and brings out the animalistic senses in all of us! Even people who have never put on a pair of boxing gloves before love this event which suits all standards of levels.


 Three Bay Challenge. While taking in some stunning views of the rugged coastlines of the east coast of Cyprus you will be pushed to your limit and beyond by doing various fitness activities in the 3 different bays. This is not as easy as it might sound, the length of the course is 3km where a wide variety of exercises are also done such as lunges on the beach, plank hold, bear crawls, lunges, sprints on the sand, wheelbarrow, piggy back, step ups, press ups, tricep dips, hill sprints and by the time this 1 hour is over you sure fancy a dip!


Konnos Bay Run. This is for all you crazy people who can’t get enough! Again we take you to a stunning beach to do various exercises with the finale being a huge zig zag hill run which pushes even professional athletes.pic


 Boardwalk Run with Bums, Tums and Thighs. Is again a very popular program that we run. This a 4.5km run suitable for most levels as we stop at various stations along the way performing various exercises again concentrating on high intensity training, stability and strengthening. The difference with this section is that all those muscles that are rarely used have to work doing leg lifts, thigh raises, sit ups etc. This bums, tums and thighs routine is a killer for the guys and give the girls a chance to show off.pic


 Pure Strength is another one of  our programs where this is mainly concentrating on traditional gym activities such as bicep and tricep workout, chest and back, squats, pull ups, tricep dips, shrugs etc.

Our ab routines are mixed in over the various programs and our trainer, Paul, has developed his own intense ab routine, again we challenges every single level of fitness. Every person is pushed to their maximum.

A lot of our work outs in Cyprus are on the beach which is tougher than normal and working out on the sands burn a lot more calories than working out in a gym and with the heat in Cyprus again even more so.

We have calculated an average and these workouts burn over 1,000 calories per hour as a general guideline, but obviously subject  to the effort put in by the individual.

We have the power to rebuild you!
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